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Select SafetyNET : Automatic On-line Data Backup

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Could you recover your key business or personal information if your computers were damaged or stolen?

Most people recognise the importance of backing up key data:

Perhaps you already do take backups?
Perhaps you store your backups in a different location to the computer?
Perhaps you never forget to make the backup?

If you have backups stored at the same location as the computer you are still at risk from fire, theft or flood ( even a leaking pipe can destroy your computer equipment).

If you do not take regular backups you are also at risk from computer faults, viruses or simply accidentally deleting data. If you use a laptop computer the risk of damage is much greater.

What Is Select SafetyNET?

Select SafetyNET is an affordable on line backup and restore system for your Windows PC or Mac computer or server.

The software automatically encrypts, compress and copies your data to our remote backup site so, if the worst happens, you can restore your valuable information easily and quickly.

After the initial backup, only those files that change are backed up - and for large files only the part of the file that has changed is backed up. Combined with data compression this makes the backup process fast. What’s more, with most operating systems you can continue to use your computer throughout the backup process.

If you need to restore your data you can access it at any time. You pay a single price with no hidden extras and no set-up charges.